Petrom rises oil prices

Petrom has risen as of Wednesday 0:00 hrs. the reference price of the fuels it trades in its own oil stations by six bani per litre (1 RON = 100 bani), following the evolution of the international quotations of the oil products.

Therefore, the reference price of 1litre of unleaded Premium 10ppm is, as of Wednesday, 4.14 RON, for unleaded 99+ Top Premium is worth 4.51 RON, OMV Carrera 95 is 4.28 RON and OMV Carrera 100 is worth 4.91 RON. As for the Diesel fuels, one litre of Top Nordic Diesel is worth 4.07 RON, OMV Sprint Diesel is 4.11 RON, Euro Diesel 5 is 3.90 RON and OMV Alpin Diesel is worth 4.40 RON.

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