PM Boc estimates unemployment spending will double

Prime Minister Emil Boc is expecting the Government’s unemployment spending to double following the impending cut staff in the public sector, but he has called on the prefects not to panic, but to make sure the money will be spent as the law requires.

It is noticeable that the state of the unemployment social security fund has worsened; although the contributions to the fund are similar to those in the first six months of 2009, spending has virtually doubled. The good thing is that contributions have not decreased. We are expecting a doubling in the unemployment spending, given the staff restructuring process.

That is why you should not panic but make sure that the unemployment money spent at county level is spent as the law requires,’ Boc told a videoconference with prefects. He added that despite a rise in unemployment in 2010, unemployment in Romania is still far below the EU average, saying that after a seasonal fall in unemployment in the past four months because of summer jobs, the number of the jobless will nevertheless rise by the end of the year.

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