PM Boc tackles floods in videoconference with prefects

The code yellow rain advisory will be lifted on Wednesday at 21:00hrs, but problems are likely to occur on Friday and Saturday in northern Romania, Prime Minister Emil Boc informed the prefects at a videoconference on Wednesday.

‘As far as the water component is concerned, code yellow will be in force throughout June 25 and the orange code advisory is still in force for the eastern Prut River and the northern Crasna River. Given the forecasts, special attention should be attached to the risks for flashfloods on the Danube in the eastern Galati-Tulcea area. Flash-flooding is also likely from June 28 at the entrance point of the Danube,’ said Boc.

He specifically asked the prefects of the counties where the Danube enters and leaves the country to take all the necessary measures to protect human lives and contain damage. Boc underscored that the prefects should be on permanent guard to provide major priority to saving human lives and, ‘as an aside, avoid material damage.’

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