PM Boc thanks MPs of ruling coalition for resisting ‘Opposition demagoguery’

Prime Minister Emil Boc on Tuesday thanked the MPs of the ruling coalition for their support for the Government, as they had to resist the demagoguery and populism of the Opposition.

‘I know how hard it is for my colleagues who are supporting the Government. They have today to resist the demagoguery and populism of the Opposition and prove now, in a crucial moment to Romania, that they are responsible to the country and less so to their own interest.

That is why you have the appreciation and gratitude of the Government for your effort now that benefits Romania,’ Boc said before a vote on a motion of censure against the Government tabled by the alliance of the opposition Social Democratic Party and the Conservative Party (PSD+PC).

He added that he would have expected the Opposition to come up with solutions and a coherent, well-built speech. On the other hand, Boc claimed that the Opposition ‘offered poisoned material gains’ from the money it raised from the sale of Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR).

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