Population of Romania drops by 5,708 people in February

The demographic decline continued in February 2010 and Romania’s population dropped by 5,708 people, after it registered a drop by 6,382 people in January, according to the data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS) on Friday.

In February, 16,418 children were born (10 live births per 1,000 inhabitants), 909 newborns less than in January. The number of people that died in February amounted to 22,126 (13.4 dead per 1,000 inhabitants), 1,583 dead less than in January. In February 2010, the population dropped by 5,708 people, while during the same month of 2009 it dropped by 4,815 people.
The number of marriages officiated in February 2010 was by 2,306 lower than the one registered over the same period of 2009. Compared to February 2009, the number of divorces ruled through final court decisions was by 451 divorces lower in February 2010.

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