Prime Minister Emil Boc attends on Thursday, in Budapest, the Summit on the Danube

Strategy, an event that occasions a dialogue between the European Commission and representatives of the governments of the countries involved, as well as with relevant factors from the business and academic milieu, and from international organizations.

Attending the event are 22 representatives of national governments of the member states of the Danube Cooperation Process, at the level of Prime Minister or Foreign Minister, and delegations from the six German and Austrian lands crossed by the Danube.
A final declaration will be signed on the occasion of the Summit setting forth the political commitment of the Danube riparian states to work out the Danube Strategy and strengthen regional cooperation.

The initiative on the Danube was launched in 2008, at the joint proposal of Romania and Austria, which were joined by riparian states, including also non-EU members. The proposal builds on three principles – connectivity; environmental protection and water management; social and economic development – the same that were adopted in 2009 under the Strategy for the Baltic Sea region, the first EU macro-regional strategy.

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