Public Ministry drafts “strategy” on mass media communication improvement

Transparency must become a priority in the Public Ministry’s activity, Romania’s General Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi told.

She says that, in order to achieve such objective, “a communication strategy was drafted” that asks “the fellow prosecutors not to see journalists as enemies.”
“There are two obstacles that prevent prosecutors from better communicating with the mass media representatives. One of them is subjective, ie prosecutors only received specific training in the field of justice in their student days, thus, being less accustomed to public relations; the other one is objective, since there is a normal tendency of prosecutors to protect their investigations.

Although it is difficult to find equilibrium between the secrecy of the investigation and transparency, I am convinced that we will find normal solutions,” Kovesi added.
She made it clear that she would encourage the publication of releases, even in more sensitive cases, the periodic presentation of the activity on the Prosecutor’s Offices websites, press statements as well as the specialization of some prosecutors in the field of public relations and communication, an action which is currently underway.

“We got acquainted with the press grievances and I will have several discussions with my colleagues on the communication topic,” Laura Codruta Kovesi promised on Wednesday during the round-up session of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Bacau Court of Appeal.

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