Romania ranks 11th world’s biggest wine makers

Romania ranks the 11th among the world’s top winemakers, with 6.8 million hectolitres of wine, reads the report recently presented by the International Organization of Vine and Wine general director Federico Castellucc i at the Organization’s 7th annual meeting in Zagreb.

The World’s top winemaker Italy puts out 48.6 million hl, Chile ranks the 9th with 8.7 million hl, and Russia comes the 10th with 7.1 million hl. As for the wine consumption worldwide, Romania ranks the 10th with 5.4 million hl, while France comes second with 31.8 million hl, per year.

The world’s annual wine consumption amounts to 254 million hl. There were 8.8 million hectares of vineyards, throughout the world, in the late 1980s, compared to 7.75 million hectares at present, Romania being the country registering the biggest drawback, its vineyard dwindling by 50,000 hectares, the report says.

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