Romania takes over U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development chairmanship

Romania has taken over the chairmanship of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development till 2011, Environment and Forestry Minister Laszlo Borbely announced at a news conference on Sunday.

‘I have been recently elected the chairman of the U.N Commission on Sustainable Development at the organisation’s session for sustainable development held in New York. It is a unique chance that Romania has since 1990. Romania has not held such a chairmanship in a U.N. commission since that year’, Borbely said.
He stressed Romania was elected to lead the U.N. Sustainable Development Commission for a year till May 2011.

‘Actually, there was a preparatory year between 2009 and 2010 when the foundations were laid for resolving certain important problems – transportation, chemical pollution, mining, the integrated waste management and the consumer industry in the next ten years. The year to come is one of decision-making and of laying the groundwork for the Environment Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 2012’, the environment minister said. The U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development was set up in 1992 after the end of the World Summit held in Rio de Janeiro.

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