Romania to report 0.4 pc economic growth in 2010

Unicredit Group estimates that Romania will report an economic growth of 0.4 percent in 2010 and 3.5 percent in 2011, whereas the economic slowdown in 2009 will be of 7.5 percent, according to the figures presented on Thursday by the chief of the Department for strategic analysis of Unicredit Group, Debora Revolte lla, at the Summit Economic Forum 2009 held in Bucharest.

Unicredit Group’s analysts forecasts a 6.3-percent economic slowdown in 2009 and 2.5 percent in 2010 for Bulgaria, whereas the state’s economy is expected to switch to economic rise in 2011, with a 2-percent pace. For Hungary, analysts of the international banking group predict a 6.1 percent economic shrink and a 0.6-percent shrink in 2001 and recovery in 2011, with an advance of the gross domestic product of 2.4 percent.

Poland will report an economic growth worth 1.4 percent in 2009, 1.8 percent in 2010 and 3.5 percenr in 2011, whereas the Czech economy will recover in 2010 with a 1.4-percent rise, followed by a 3.5 percent pace in 2011, after a 4.2-percent shrink in 2009.

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