Romania’s nuclear energy consumption at 0.4 pc of world total

Romania’s nuclear energy consumption amounted to 2.5 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe), in 2008, exceeding by 45.2 percent the consumption of the year before, read the British Petroleum statistical data.

According to the same source, Romania’s consumption represents 0.4 percent of the world’s nuclear energy consumption.
Romania’s production posed for 6.5 million toe last year, by 3.2 percent lower than in 2007 and for 0.2 percent of the world’s coal production, the same data say.

The coal production was by 800,000 tonnes bigger in 2008 than in 1998. Romania‘s coal consumption amounted to 7.7 million toe and represented 0.2 percent of the world consumption.
Romania owned coal reserves of 422 million tonnes, late in 2008 (0.1 percent of the world reserves).

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