Romania’s public debt increases by 11 billion lei in February

Romania’s public debt amounted to 155.027 billion lei (about 36.477 billion euros) in late February 2010 and accounted for 28.77 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP), according to the data published by the Ministry of Public Finance.

As against January 2010, the public debt grew by about 11 billion lei when, in February, Romania got two loan tranches from the International Monetary Fund amounting to 2.45 billion euros, half of which went to the Treasury. On December 31, 2009 Romania’s public debt was 148.05 billion lei and accounted for 30.14 percent of the GDP.
When compared to 2009, the share of the governmental public debt in the entire debt increased from 92.94 to 93.26 percent, whereas the local public debt decreased from 7.07 to 6.74 percent. The share of the negotiable debt grew from 40.5 to 41.4 percent.

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