Senate Chairman: BNR governor’s hearing in Senate Standing Bureau in a prudent key

The meeting of the Senate leadership with governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu took place in key of sobriety and prudence, Senate Chairman, Social-Democrat Mircea Geoana declared at the end of the talks.

He voiced appreciation for the „prompt” and „professional” manner whereby Isarescu answered the invitation to discuss with the Senate’s Standing Bureau and expressed regret that Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu did not honor a similar invitation extended to him.

„We wanted to learn if the variant proposed by Traian Basescu and the government is the only possible option for the country, if the measures are temporary or permanent and whether they could lead to the degradation of the economic situation and end up in failure,” said Mircea Geoana. As a personal comment, the Senate Chairman said that „it would not be impossible that the IMF mission returns to Bucharest in a relatively short time.’ „The Fund’s intransigence increased exponentially,” remarked Geoana.

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