Sibex stocks up RON 3 in first 90 minutes of trading

There were transferred 46,060 stocks issued by Sibex on the sport market of the Stock Exchange Market in Financial Monetary and Commodities Sibiu (BMFMS) in the first hour and a half since the opening of the session, for quotations between RON 2 and 2.990, which means an increase in the value of the stocks by two or three times, with the nominal price for one stock being RON 1, reads a BMFMS release on Friday.

At the same time, there were concluded the first futures contrasts on the Dow Jones index, at prices between RON 10.35 and 10.409 and on the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) for RON 53.04, while on the Bluenext market, the price for one tonne of CO2 accounted for 13.06 euros. The capital of Sibex is divided into 21,526,400 stocks.

The futures contract on carbon dioxide emissions from Sibex is equivalent to 100 tonnes of CO2, the price being expressed in RON / tonne, the delivery of the contracts being made in the first working day after the transaction occurred. The regulated spot market and the futures contracts on the Dow Jones Industrial Average was launched Friday, to commemorate 15 years of trading on the Exchange based in Sibiu (central).

SIBEX signed with the CME Group and Dow Jones Indexes a sublicense agreement of the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, whereby the Sibiu Exchange has the right to launch futures for trading, with the underlying Dow Jones Industrial Average. The CME Group, which manages the largest and diverse derivatives market in the world, owns the exclusive license for the futures contract on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), denominated in U.S. dollars.

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