Tax increases would put a stop to economic recovery, says Minister of Economy

Tax increases would be an error because it would not help economy relaunch, but on the contrary it would put a stop to it, stated on Monday, prior to the meeting with representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Minister of Economy, Trade and Business Environment, Adriean Videanu.

„I do not have elements on the increase of some taxes. My stand is that a tax increase would be a major error because, instead of helping the economic relaunch, it would stop it. As for the flat tax, you know my standpoint, being one of the initiators”, said Videanu. The Central Political Bureau of the National Liberal Party (PNL) adopted on Monday a resolution, maintaining that the Executive is preparing the elimination of the flat tax, a measure which in the Liberals’ opinion would equal „an economic assassination attempt against the middle class”.

The Liberals say they are in the possession of a „working document” of the Ministry of Finance aimed at the elimination of the flat tax. On the other hand, the Ministry of Finance stressed that the „sole official document referring to the measures the Government is to take in the period to come will be a letter of intention the Ministry of Public Finance is going to send to the IMF, when the technical discussions with the evaluation mission representatives will be concluded. All present announcements and declarations are nothing else but politically aimed speculation”.

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