Transgaz orders stopping natural gas consumption for five big consumers

Transgaz ordered stopping natural gas consumption for five big consumers because of the low temperatures in the past few days, the Transgaz representatives told a news conference on Tuesday.

“On January 15, because of the low pressure of natural gas we ordered stopping or limiting natural gas supply to consumers that can be interrupted. They are five in number and are the following: Electrocentrale in Bucharest, the chemical works Interagro, Alum in Tulcea [eastern Romania], Azomures in Targu Mures [central Romania] and Upsom in Ocna Mures [central Romania],” according to the Transgaz representatives.

They made it clear that, on Monday, after the coordinating commission on ensuring safety in natural gas supply declared state of emergency, they started reducing the consumption for the consumers that had the possibility to use alternative fuel, that is black oil or coal, and for some consumers that were already limited to the level stipulated in the action plan.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment on Monday declared state of emergency because of the extremely low temperatures in the past few days.
The quantity of gas Romania currently needs is 83 million cubic metres a day.

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