ANI law is passed by Chamber of Deputies

The plenum of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday passed the draft law on the functioning of the National Integrity Agency (ANI). One hundred and eighty-three deputies voted for the draft law and 27 abstained from voting. It was an open vote, which implied putting one’s hand up.

It is the second time on the same day that the draft law has been voted on by the Chamber of Deputies. The proposal to repeat the vote came as a consequence of a consensus of the group leaders and the plenum of the Chamber validated it by voting. First the draft law was voted for by 151 persons, which was not enough for it to be passed, two voted against and 49 abstained from voting.
It was an electronic vote. The legal commission of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday adopted a favourable report, with amendments, on the new ANI draft law. The most important amendments made by the commission refer to changing the procedure of appointing the ANI management and to sanctions.

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