Gov’t to discuss vacancies unblocking, in Sept

Romania’s Prime Minister Emil Boc said in Sibiu (north-west of Bucharest), on Thursday, that unblocking the vacancies in the healthcare system will be under discussion in September.

PM Boc reiterated that the Government is to analyze the situation and make a decision in September. ‘We’ll analyze the situation in the Government, and make a decision in September, as announced. I’ll make no further statements on the issue, by then,’ PM Boc stressed.
Romania‘s Premier said on Tuesday that the Government had in view an assessment of the possibility that staff should be hired in the healthcare system, but based on the legal provisions in force.

At the same time, PM Boc specified he does not oppose new jobs in the healthcare, but on the condition they are in compliance with the existing laws, which limit the employment in the public system, and the human resources demand in the healthcare will be discussed in September.
‘I claimed a per system assessment, so that we can see, after the enactment of the legal provision of hiring one persons per seven available vacancies, how many jobs get available and we shall give priority there where the system faces problems, and only afterwards, namely after completing the restructuring process in September, we are to discuss what human resources we may employ.

Because you may not make layoffs, on one hand, and employ other people, on the other hand. Objective analyses are required for making correct, data-based decisions,’ PM Boc said. Romania’s Premier went to Sibiu on Thursday to check up the stage of the works at the city’s ring road that had started six years now and are due to be completed in four months, according to PM Boc.

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