ANL to acquire construction materials for rebuilding flood-destroyed homes

The Government on Wednesday adopted a programme called ‘Homes in areas hit by natural calamities in 2010,’ under which the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) will acquire construction materials for the rebuilding and repairing of flood-stricken home, Regional Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea said on Wednesday at the end of a Government meeting.

The construction materials will be centrally bought by the National Housing Agency (ANL). MDRT has worked out a technical project for the computation of costs for the acquisition of materials requested by prefectures. ‘The procedure is as follows: there are joint boards having assessed the flood-stricken homes which centralise the requests for construction materials against a technical report and submit them to the MDRT;

MDRT then computes the necessary quantities of materials against a technical project approved by the ministry and then the amount to be earmarked for the acquisition of the materials,’ Udrea explained.
Udrea also said the technical project in question takes into account a two-room home of 60.5 square metres, 47.5 square metres of which is useable area; the total costs for such a home, before the materials procurement procedure, is put at RON 39,000, but that could decrease significantly after the procedure is over.

ANL will acquire cement, bricks, masonry, wood and such while the beneficiaries will rebuilt or repair their homes, as appropriate, with own funds and using the materials made available by the MDRT. Udrea also said that the construction materials will be delivered to the local councils, which will be placed under an obligation to warehouse and distribute them to the final beneficiaries according to necessities.
The minister recently stated that the recent floods have left 9 of Romania‘s 42 counties unaffected, but in 31 counties nearly 6,000 homes and more than 2,200 km of roads were hit; 246 homes and outbuildings collapsed, 654 are about to collapse and 3,500 homes were damaged by floods.

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