Average gross salary amounts to 1951 lei, in June

The median gross income amounted to 1,951 lei, namely about 459 euros, in June, by 0.6 percent lower than in the previous month, while the net average salary was worth 1,422 lei, (rd. 334.5 euros), by 0.4 less than that of the month before, National Statistics Institute (INS) data say.

The highest average net nominal pay was registered in the financial brokerage activities, namely 3,442 lei (810 euros), while the smallest amounted to 791 lei, namely about 186 euros, and it was earned in hotels and restaurants. According to INS, the real income index in June compared to the previous month, calculated in comparison to the net nominal salary index and the consumption price index stood at 99.4 percent. The real salary index posed for 123.7 percent vs. that in Oct 1990, by 0.7 pct less than that in May 2010.

The average net salary dropped in all the public sector activities than in the month before, namely the public administration – minus 4.5 percent, the education – minus 2.1 percent, health and social security – minus 1.7 percent. Compared to June, the average net nominal salary grew by 3.1 percent and the real income index stood at 98.8 percent, compared to the same time span of the previous year.

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