Best known hotels at Baile Herculane are put up for auction

The Directorate General of Public Finance in Caras-Severin County (south-western Romania) put up for sale two of the best known hotels at Baile Herculane, Roman and Afrodita, because of the nine million lei debt the Hercules trading company has to the state budget.

So far the above-mentioned company has benefited by a delay in paying its debts, but they did not observe the terms, a reason for which they started selling the assets of Hercules. Thus, of the three hotels the treasury put a distraint on (Roman, Afrodita and Diana), the first two have already been put up for auction, which is scheduled to be held on May 14. The starting price for Roman is slightly above 11.5 million lei and for Afrodita it is eight million lei.

But so far there has been nobody willing to buy the hotels of the Hercules company. If the Roman and Afrodita Hotels are nevertheless sold, the third hotel considered by the Public Finance Directorate, Diana, might not be put up for auction as the money obtained by selling the two buildings would be enough to pay off the debt Hercules SA currently has to the state budget.

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