BNR requires minimum capital worth 3 million euros for IFN selling mortgages

The non-banking financial institutions (IFN), that are selling mortgages will have to own a nominal capital of at least three million euros, according to a draft regulation launched for debate by the Central Bank of Romania (BNR).

For the non-banking companies oriented towards other kinds of credits, the level of the capital they have to own is equal to at least the equivalent in lei of 200,000 euros, calculated according to the currency exchange posted by BNR, at the date of its subscription and disbursement.

The exposure of a non-banking institution towards one debtor only is considered, according to the new draft, as being a big one, when its value is higher than 10 precent of the company’s own funds.

Also, the aggregate exposure registered by a non-banking financial institution cannot exceed 1,500 percent of the value of its own funds.

Each non-banking financial institution is compelled, once the new regulation comes into force, to adopt a strategy, of administration of its own significant risks, okayed by the board of administration or of supervision of the company.

The signficant risks concern the credit risk, the market and the operational one.

BNR stengthened the regulations, including those in the management of non-banking companies, with the requirements now close to those imposed to banks.

The moment a new IFN is registered, its representatives have to supply the money to BNR, among other documents, detailed information about the top managers and the shareholders of the company.

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