BVB reports lowest year’s liquidity so far on Thursday

The Bucharest Stock Exchange on Thursday recorded the lowest year’s liquidity so far in 2010, as the SIF financial investment companies and other companies were off trade for general shareholders’ meetings.

Trade on the BVB totalled RON 1.98 million (480,236 euros), while trade on the Rasdaq OTC ring stood at 268,117 euros. Stocks traded on the BVB appreciated by 0.13 percent, on the average, as measured by the BET-C general index. Dealings in 28 stocks were conducted on the BVB-Regular ring, eight of which appreciated, seven staled and 13 depreciated.

The BET index reflecting the developments in the 10 most liquid stocks was up 0.45 percent and the ROTX index appreciated 0.48 percent. The enlarged blue chip index BET-XT of the 25 most liquid stocks, advanced 0.2 percent, and the BET-NG energy sector and public utilities index went up 0.24 percent. The most liquid stocks were BRD (RON 779,697); Transgaz (RON 339,854); Biofarm (RON 187,065), and Broker Cluj (RON 133,996).

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