Code Yellow rain and storm advisory in western half of Romania

The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) issued a Code Yellow rain and storm advisory for the western part of Romania, effective between Thursday, May 6, 8:00 p.m. and Friday, May 7, 8:00 p.m.

The affected counties are as follows: Satu Mare (northwest), Maramures (north), Bihor (west), Salaj (west), Cluj (center-west), Arad (west), Alba (center), Timis (west), Hunedoara (west), Caras-Severin (southwest), and the southern counties of Gorj, Valcea, Mehedinti, Dolj, Olt.
According to weather experts, starting Thursday afternoon, the atmosphere will get progressively unstable in the western half of the country, which will trigger brief rain showers, lightning, wind gusts and even storms and hail in small areas.

During the evening and the night, in the regions of Oltenia (south), Banat (west), Crisana (west), Maramures (north), then and in western Transylvania rain will come in torrents at rates in excess of 25-30 liters per sq.m. and even 50 liters per sq.m. in particular spots. Weather phenomena caused by atmospheric instability will also affect the other regions of the country in the second part of the night Thursday to Friday and on Friday, April 7, yet on restricted areas and at a lower intensity.

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