Danube exceeds flood level by 43 cm in Olt

The Danube’s level reached 593 centimetres on Wednesday at Corabia, Olt County (southern Romania), with 43 centimetres over the flood level and is rising by four centimeters in comparison with the previous day.

According to Olt County Prefect Leonid Moisiu, in the last 24 hours the waters has not advanced toward the households and the situation is being monitored.
‘I have been in Corabia and Garcov every day and I was assured that the water would reach the households in Garcov only if the water discharge would be 17,000 cubic metres/s and the water level would rise by one metre as against the present level.

Preventive measures have been taken, a dam of sand bags has been built nearby households, but, at present, the evacuation of people or goods is out of the question,’ the prefect said. The Danube’s water discharge at Corabia registered 11,600 cubic metres/s on Wednesday morning, the multi-annual average of March being 5,300 cubic metres/s.

Because of the Danube’s high level and water discharge, the waterfront in Corabia and 65 ha of pastures are flooded, while in Garcov the water covered 250 ha of pastures, 1.5 ha of arable land from the gardens of some local people, two footbridges and a bridge.

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