Finance, Labor Ministers further weigh trade union proposals

Prime Minister Emil Boc announced on Thursday that the Ministers of Finance and Labor, respectively, will asses till next Wednesday all the measures proposed by the trade unions and if they get support in hard facts and figures, the government might take them in consideration.

„We came here to continue the social dialogue about the letter of intent to the IMF. We surveyed the existing alternatives, we reviewed the options expressed by the trade unions. We fully diverge over several points in various areas – like the option of trade unions to increase taxes…

I know that the government I represent is not popular. The measures we take are required by the slippages in the 2007 – 2008 policy… We are forced to take adjustment measures,” said the Premier after the meeting with the unions. He reiterated that Romania is going through a difficult time, but assured that the upcoming austerity measures will pave the way for a healthy growth of wages and pensions in Romania.

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