Governmental credit drops 0.4 pct

The governmental credit dropped in March 2010 by 0.4 percent up to RON 50.704 billion, whereas compared to March 31, 2009 it registered a 73.0 percent increase (66.0 percent in real terms).

The deposits of non-governmental resident customers climbed in March by 1.2 percent on February 2010, up to RON 167.120 billion. RON-denominated household deposits went up by 0.9 percent, up to RON 62.055 billion. On March 31, 2010, RON-denominated household deposits registered an 8.4 percent increase (4.0 percent in real terms), as compared to March 31, 2009.

RON-denominated corporate deposits (non-financial corporations and non-monetary financial institutions) advanced 5.4 percent up to RON 43.178 billion. Forex-denominated deposits of resident households and corporates (non-financial corporations and non-monetary financial institutions), expressed in domestic currency, shrank 1.4 percent up to RON 61.887 billion (when expressed in EUR, forex deposits decreased by 1.1 percent up to EUR 15.109 billion).

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