Interior Minister Vasile Blaga: It is quite clear that we shall no longer have special problems in Galati

Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga was on Thursday in Galati (eastern Romania, on the Danube), where he assessed the situation of the city’s defence in case the Danube bursts its banks.

Blaga inspected several stretches of the defence dam and of the water barrage, which is more than 4.5 km long, and concluded that the situation was under control and that in Galati there would be no more problems with the Danube.
It is hundred per cent clear that we shall no longer have special problems in Galati. By no means will the Danube rise over 680 cm and several measures that were taken contributed to it … The situation is entirely under control,” said Blaga.

The minister informed that they decided in a Government meeting to finance the 18 km long dam at Sauceni, Bacau County (eastern Romania), and the dam at Cotu Pisicii-Grindu „as it must be finished because we have already begun building it.”
Blaga made it clear that in the days to come they would finish assessing clearly the necessary materials for building again the houses in the flood-struck areas, these materials are to reach the citizens through the agency of the local councils.

The minister made it clear that the victims of the floods would have at their disposal as many modular houses as necessary and added that, out of the 687 ones in stock, 287 went to the region of Moldavia, more than 80 in Tecuci and 200 in Botosani (northern Romania).

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