Japanese companies condition investments in Romania by developemnt of infrastructure

Some Japanese companies would invest more in Romania if the Government in Bucharest laid emphasis on the development of infrastructure, says Japan’s new Ambassador in Bucharest Natsuo Amemiya in an interview.

„Now Romania has started attracting foreign investors. I am under the impression that some companies would invest more if Romania’s Government laid emphasis on the development of infrastructure, such as railways. I have been here for a month only, but I think that Romania has great development possibilities, probably thanks to its geographical position, as it is like a bridge between East and West, North and South,” says Natsuo Amemiya.

In context he remarked that trade exchanges between Japan and Romania stuck to an ascending trend. According to statistics, Japan’s exports to Romania amounted to about 380 million euros, and the imports from Romania to Japan account for 339 million euros.
I have heard that the most profitable companies in Italy and France have solid factories in Romania, but they export goods „made in France,” „made in Italy.” Japanese statistics do not mention some of these exports as being made in Romania,” said Natsuo Amemiya.

Natsuo Amemiya arrived in Romania in September 2009, it is his first mission in Romania. Since 1973 he has been working with the Japan Foundation. After being Consul General in New Orleans and manager of the business office of the Japan Foundation, he became the manager of the Japan Foundation in 1973.
Natsuo Amemiya was born in Tokyo and is 62 years old.

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