Ministry of Finance makes official clarifications on flat tax removal

The Ministry of Public Finance made it clear on Monday that the sole official document related to the governmental measures in the following period of time would be the letter of intent the Ministry of Public Finance is going to send to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

‘The sole official document referring to the measures the Government is to take in the period to come will be a letter of intent the Ministry of Public Finance is going to send to the IMF, when the technical discussions with the evaluation mission representatives are to be concluded. All current announcements and statements are nothing but politically aimed speculations,’ informs a press release.

The Ministry’s clarifications come in the wake of the statement made by Crin Antonescu, the National Liberal Party chairman, regarding the Government’s intention of ‘removing’ the flat tax as well as the increase in other taxes, news posted on various blogs. The Central Political Bureau of the National Liberal Party adopted a resolution on Monday, maintaining that the Executive was preparing the removal of the flat tax, a measure that in the Liberals’ opinion would equal ‘an economic assassination attempt’ against the middle class. The Liberals say they are in the possession of a Ministry of Finance’s ‘working document’ aimed at the flat tax removal.

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