PSD Congress to meet in extraordinary convention on February 20

An extraordinary convention of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Congress was convened for February 20, 10:00 hrs, local, under a unanimous decision of the PSD National Council of Thursday.

PSD Secretary General Liviu Dragnea says the PSD Congress agenda comprises an analysis of the political actions deployed by the party in the time since the previous congress convention; suggestions to amend and supplement the PSD statutes, and electing the central management bodies in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Attending the extraordinary convention of the PSD Congress will be members on the PSD National Council and delegates selected by extraordinary conventions of the party’s county branches and the Bucharest branch according to the representation rule established by the PSD National Executive Committee.

Besides, there are 200 preeminent politicians, academics, men of culture, jurists, artists and ambassadors invited to attend the convention. The PSD National Council on Thursday appointed a board to prepare the convention and draw up the documents for the Congress and also set up a board in charge with drawing up regulations and procedures for the election of the party’s central leading bodies. The National Council also agreed that the Executive Committee should convene on February 20, 09:00 hrs, local, to draw up the regulations.

PSD chief Mircea Geoana suggested that the Executive Committee be mandated to decide on the duration of the extraordinary convention of the PSD Congress – whether one or one and a half day – which the National Council accepted in a plenary meeting.
Chairman of the PSD National Council Adrian Nastase mentioned that the National Council will also convene one or two hours before the convention to approve the documents to be submitted to the Congress for consideration.

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