Romania will not be crossed by the cloud of volcanic ash in the next 24 hours (Ministry of Environment)

The cloud of volcanic ash will not cross Romania in the next 24 hours, informs the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MMP), citing the latest updates on the evolution of the cloud by the London Volcanic Ash Advisory (international warning centre for Aviation regarding the volcanic ash).

Moreover, in the next 24 hours there will be no more exceeding of the maximum admitted values of PM10 (particulate matter) and sulfur dioxide, following the cloud of ash having crossed Romania in the past days, the MMP announced, based on the data centralized by the National Administration of Meteorology (ANM).

The result of the dispersion model and of the atmospheric models analyzed by the ANM showed that in the next 24 hours there will be no exceeding of the maximum admitted values of concentrations of pollutants caused by the presence of the volcanic ash cloud.

As regards the air quality in Romania, the analysis made by the National Monitoring Network found the same trend was maintaining, without limit values for the indicator PM10 and the indicator of sulfur dioxide being exceeded. MMP stated that continuously monitoring by the ANM and the National Agency for Environmental Protection (ANPM) of ash cloud trajectory and also of the concentration of particles in the air.