Self-financed institutions post budget surplus, FinMin says

The budget of the self-financed institutions and of the institutions running on their own revenues posts surplus, Public Finances Minister Gheorghe Pogea told a television show on Tuesday.

‘When one looks at the general strengthened budget, there is a deficit of minus three percent after six months. We anticipate that about minus 7.3 percent will be reached by year-end, due to the continued economic contraction.

But the funny thing is that while the state budget is posting deficit due to the shrunk revenues in the economy, when one looks at the budget of the institutions that are self-financed or run on their own revenues, one sees a surplus’, Pogea said.

He cited among such institutions the National Energy Regulatory Authority and the National Institute of Statistics.
The minister said that any possible decision on cutting the local administration personnel would be made after a detailed analysis.

‘One should have concrete data before addressing a local public administration. We should know what the personnel structure is, what its powers are, what public services it does, what resources are required.

We’ll take measures where there is a surplus. Such measures will be made by discussing to the local authorities.
We’ll do it starting on Thursday,’ Pogea said, adding that the public money should be managed correctly and in order to prove that it is managed correctly, it should be managed in a transparent manner.

The finances minister announced that 53 public institutions paid from the state budget will be checked. He stressed the moves are aimed at ‘conserving jobs’.

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