Bucharest stocks slightly up on Thursday

The shares listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) on Thursday inched up in average 0.40 pct, in an evolution tracked by the BET-C composite index.
The shares of the five financial investment companies (SIFs, the evolution of which is reflected by the BET-FI index) gained 0.10 pct.

Shares of 49 issuers changed hands on the main BVB market, the ‘ Regular’, 28 of which scored an appreciation in quotations, 11 kept flat and 10 declined. BVB trades amounted to 15.819 million euros (RON 64.746 million), whilst trades carried out on the RASDAQ over-the-counter market stood at 2.020 million euros (RON 8,269 million).

The BET index that reflects the evolution of the most liquid ten listed issuers advanced 0.38 percentage points, whereas the ROTX index gained 0.25 pct.
The extended blue-chip index of the top liquid 25 companies – the BET-XT – went up by 0.40 pct and the sectoral energy and related utilities index BET-NG dipped 0.11 pct.

The top liquid issuers were Transilvania Bank – with trades worth RON 1.978 million; Petrom – RON 1.507 million; SSIF Broker – RON 1.481 million; SIF 5 Oltenia – RON 1.162 million and SIF 2 Moldova – RON 1.094 million.

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