Net average wage up by almost 7 percent in March (INS)

The net nominal average wage amounted to 1,509 lei in March, up by 98 lei (6.9 percent) compared to the previous month, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The gross nominal average wage amounted to 2.074 lei, 6.9 percent higher compared to February. The highest values of the net nominal average wage were recorded in the financial intermediation activities (4,345 lei), and the lowest values in hotels and restaurants (794 lei).

The real wage index for March 2010 compared to the previous month, calculated as a ratio between the net nominal wage index and the consumer price index, amounted to 106.7 percent. In March 2010, in most economic activities, the net average wage went up compared to February 2010, as a consequence of granting occasional bonuses, respectively annual bonuses, the 13th monthly pay for 2009 and Easter bonuses, amounts from the net profit and from other funds (gift vouchers) and as a consequence of increased production.

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