Vasile Blaga: Ministry of the Interior to keep just three Secretaries of state

Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga announced on Thursday in Galati that he will keep just three of the current six Secretaries of state plus another 11 dignitaries on equivalent positions.

The Minister said that the institution under his conduct currently has six Secretaries of state plus another 11 public servants with an equivalent rank, such as the heads of the State Reserves, the National Agency of Civil Servants or the Organization-Mobilization Department.
Blaga said that only three Secretaries of state will stay in place, two on public administration and one for public order. The latter will act like a sort of Army Chief of Staff and will coordinate the activity of the Police chief inspectors, of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and of the Border Police.

The Minister said that the two Secretaries responsible for administration, George Emacu – in charge of liaison with local communities, and Mihai Capra – responsible for liaison with prefectures, will stay in office, mentioning that Capra „was Romania‘s best prefect between 2006 and 2010.’ The Minister also announced that not only half of the under-prefects, but also one third of prefecture employees will also be axed.

„Not only the under-prefects, but one third of the prefecture employees too will be made redundant, because the efforts cannot stay just with the local administration, town halls and county councils, prefectures must take action as well. Only the best will be kept everywhere and contests will be organized,” said Blaga.

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