Volcanic ash plume to cover most part of Romania by 3 a.m. on Tuesday

The volcanic ash plume from a fresh eruption OF the Eyjafjallajokull active volcano in Iceland is present over the western and north-western Romania and is drifting eastwards, being expected to cover most part of the country by 3 a.m. on Tuesday, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MMP) informs, citing the latest prognosis by London Volcanic Ash Advisory as saying.

Likewise, experts think there will be registered no excess in the admissible utmost values of the pollutant concentrations due to the volcanic cloud over Romania’s territory, during the coming 24 hours, reads the prognosis by the National Meteorology Administration (ANM). MMP, through ANM and the National Agency for Environmental Protection, has been permanently monitoring both the trajectory of the ash cloud and the particle concentration in the air.

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