Emil Boc: Prefects will show first assessment of EU funds by Aug 15

The prefects will have to present their first assessment of the state of EU funds absorption in their counties by August 15, Prime Minister Emil Boc announced during a videoconference on Saturday with prefects of all provinces nationwide.
He stressed that the prefects will have to submit to the public opinion, on a monthly basis, a report on the progress of European projects that are being implemented in their counties.

„Once a month, you will have to submit to the public opinion, with all those involved to be present, a report on the current stage of development of EU-financed projects in your counties. […] I expect you will have the first assessment prepared by August 15, as soon as you will get to understand the procedure, given that we will also have in August our second assessment on European funds”, said Boc.

The Premier also mentioned that the prefects will be then assessed by the ministers, based on their analysis of the European funds spending. „We demand total transparency, since these monthly reports, following the White Paper you are also going to present, will also be examined by members of the government, to check whether you got involved as you should got or you were just pretending,” said Boc.
The Boc Cabinet is going to present in August its second assessment on European funds, following a decision on July 13 of the Premier according to which the ministers will have to present, on a monthly basis, a White Paper on EU funds absorption.

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