Gov’t allocates over RON 150 mln for local investment and spending

The Government has allocated more than RON 150 million lei (around 35.3 million euros) for investment and other current expenditures of the local administrations of several counties, as well as for churches, schools and hospitals throughout the country, under a decision published on Monday in the Official Gazette.

According to the decision, adopted at the latest Government meeting, almost RON 40 million of the VAT revenues in the Reserves Fund will be earmarked by order of the Government to finance investment projects of territorial administrative units. A further RON 54 million will be distributed to places of worship, via the State Secretariat for Religious Affairs.

For schools, the Government allocated around RON 31 million, via the budget of the Education Ministry. For hospitals, the Government allocated an extra RON 6.3 million, through transfers from the Health Ministry to the local units. Almost RON 30 million will be distributed by the Government to towns and cities throughout the country, in order to finance current and capital expenditures.

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