Inter-ministerial group on car pollution tax to examine its opportunity

The inter-ministerial group on the car pollution tax is to examine the modification of its quantum, or even to abrogate it. „The group plans to examine both the tax dimension, and if it is opportune”, PM Emil Boc adviser Andreea Paul Vass, one of the members of the freshly set up workgroup, told.

She noted that the initiative of the creation of the inter-ministerial group had in view, at the same time, the fact that part of the business circles claimed that the auto tax „is not fulfilling its purpose, namely to cut pollution”.

The Government set up on Wednesday, April 28, at the request of Premier Emil Boc, an inter-ministerial working group for the analysis of the car pollution tax, to be coordinated by a representative of the Ministry of Environment and formed of representatives of the ministries of Economy and Finance, as well as of the Department for European Affairs, plus a PM adviser.
Prime Minister Emil Boc announced on April 23, in Pitesti (south), that he would set up an inter-ministerial workgroup to establish the future platform of the car pollution tax and to prepare Romania‘s strategy for switching to electric car.

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