Meeting between Education Minister and trade unionists, cancelled

The meeting between Minister of Education, Research, Youth and Sport Daniel Funeriu and trade unionists, scheduled on Thursday, is cancelled because leaders of the four trade union federation said they would not attend.

Education unionists stated they still expect an official invitation to negotiations. „Minister Daniel Funeriu woke up just now to call trade union federations to negotiations, after for months he has turned a deaf year to education staff grievances, which he chose to completely ignore, infringing the most elementary rules of the social dialogue.

Representatives of FSLI, „Spiru Haret” FSI, FEN and „Alma Mater” FEN urge the Minister of Education to give up the pathetic appeals addressed to the education staff not to take part in the protest actions and invite him to address the demonstrators during the meeting on May 19”, the unionists underlined.
Daniel Petru Funeriu invited leaders of the four representative union federations in education to talks on Thursday, to discuss the protest measures announced by them.
Minister Funeriu voiced hope that, through dialogue, solutions could be found able to avoid radicalization of the forms of protest, with a negative impact upon the national education system in general.

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