PM Boc inspects flood-threatened area of Grindu

Premier Emil Boc inspected on Monday the area Cotu Pisicii¬Grindu, in Galati County (east), where a flood containment Plan B could be implemented should the Danube waters pose too high a threat. The Prime Minister toured the area in a motorboat, accompanied by Minister of Administration and the Interior Vasile Blaga, Secretary of State Mihai Capra and Galati local authorities.

Upon returning from Grindu, Emil Boc said he hoped that Plan B would never be used. ‘We have the scenarios on the desk. Objective No. 1 is saving the city of Galati though the procedure we have opted for. Plan B we keep in reserve and hope we’ll never be forced to use it. Therefore, we are now focusing on Plan A which we hope to succeed with. I trust the specialists and I am confident that we will be able to cope with the challenge facing us,” said Boc.

‘We work with all our might to reinforce the defence of Galati and we’ll succeed. A 4.5-km long dike is being built. It will be ready tomorrow morning. After that we will check if additional height is still necessary. I was at Cotu Pisicii to see the situation, for us to have all the plans on the table so as to be able to make decisions depending on the evolution of the Danube (…),” Boc told the Galati citizens.

Plan A provides the construction of a 4.5 km long and 1.5 meter high dike in the south of Galati city, to defend the Valea Orasului quarter, with an 8,000-strong population and 1,500 houses, and which is also site for dozens of commercial and industrial companies, among which the Damen shipyard is a leader. If necessary, and if there is an imminent danger that the river breaks through the defense, authorities will switch to Plan B, which provides the creation of two openings in the dam at Cotu Pisicii, on the Danube. A 5-m high dike is being built near Cotu Pisicii, to protect the inhabitants of the Grindu community.

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