Vasile Blaga: Three agencies under MAI make redundancies, complete ministry restructuring following

Three agencies of the Ministry of Administration and Interior (MAI) are going to operate staff redundancies as a result of a government decisions taken on Wednesday, with a complete restructuring of the ministry to follow too, Minister Vasile Blaga said.

The National Agency of Civil Servants (ANFP), which currently has 390 employees to pay, will remain after restructuring with no more than 211 employees, while the number of its management jobs will be reduced from 47 down to 26, said Minister Blaga. According to him, the ANFP will make savings of 25 percent in its payroll, following to spend 615,280 lei per month on salaries, from 820,374 lei in the present.

Also, the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising will make redundant 15 percent of its employees, the number following to drop from 3,598 now down to 3,038. The number of management jobs will be cut from 345 down to 296, with the institution being expected to save 25 percent of its current payroll, that is 2.801 million lei per month.

The National Regulatory Authority for Community Services will cut its number of employees from 155 down to 100, with the management jobs to be cut from 39 down to 16. ANRSC will save 330,000 lei per month, representing 25 percent of its current payroll, said Blaga. The Ministry of Interior also specified a bill will be ready for the next government meeting on the restructuring of the whole ministry, including here the National Agency of State Reserves and Special Problems.

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