Yellow Code flood alert for western Romania, starting late on Thursday

The National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (INHGA) issued a yellow code flood warning for western Romania, effective by Friday 8.p.m.

Considerably large quantities of water from the mountain slopes, torrents and flooded creeks are expected to overflow and make increase the warning levels of the local rivers such as the Bega, the Timis, the Barzava, the Moravita and others, as well as the rivers such as the Lower Mures river, the upper and middle streams of the Crisul Alb and Crisul Negru, the Aries, and their tributaries, starting Thursday 8 p.m. till Friday at the same hour.
INHGA warns it is required to monitor the situation of the above mentioned water courses in compliance with the Regulation on the management of the emergency situations caused by floods, dangerous meteorological phenomena, accidents occurred at hydro-technical constructions and accidental pollutions.

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