Foreign capital outflow amounts to 1.9 million euros in July

The foreign investment net outflows (the difference between the selling and buying of stocks) at the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) amounted to around 1.9 million euros (8.1 million lei) in July 2010, according to the data published by BVB.

The total volume of stocks exchanged at BVB in July was of nearly 89.58 million euros. The foreign investors’ placements in stocks listed at BVB totalled about 40.02 million euros last month, while stocks sales amounted to a total value of 41.92 million euros.
The non-resident natural persons bought stocks worth 2.29 million euros and sold 2.35 million euros worth of stocks last month, while the non-resident legal persons acquired stocks worth 37.72 million euros and sold stocks amounting to 39.57 million euros. Throughout the analysed period of time, local investors bought stocks worth 48.84 million euros and sold titles worth 45.59 million euros.

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